The year two thousand and fifteen began with a bang. I had just gotten offered a two-month internship at Moschino and I was beyond excited. Come January, I would be their wholesale/visual merchandising intern. My time at Moschino had it’s ups and downs, but at the end of it all I obtained valuable experience within the role that I was offered and I also got to experience what it entailed to make a RTW (Ready To Wear) collection come alive. I ended up meeting Wiz Khalifa, Lindsay Lohan, and one of my favourite models Jourdan Dunn at the show  and it was fun and insightful to say the least.


As the year progressed, I went on to intern at Paul Smith, I worked at Missoni, Roland Mouret, and Selfridges etc. I couldn’t have been happier with my experiences with such amazing brands and although my time at each place was always short lived, I went into them knowing that. Ultimately, each position helped me narrow down what I actually enjoy doing so I am glad I worked my way around the fashion industry in that manner.


Easter rolled around and I celebrated my birthday at BB’s bakery with a group of my close friends. It was just so lovely being able to eat drink and be totally at ease with genuine girlfriends. Anyway, skip to summer and I went to The Vogue Festival (I’ve attended since it began in 2013) and met one of my favourite designers Olivier Rousteing and I listened to him and Christian Louboutin speak on their journey in fashion etc A month later, I found myself spending eight days in Barcelona with my friend Amaka. I only met Amaka in 2014 on a group holiday but we clicked instantly and the rest is history. My Barcelona trip with her came by accident, because she was supposed to be going with her two siblings, but they were refused visas. So since Amaka’s dad had already paid for the beautiful Arts Hotel, she wasn’t going to go alone and she asked around and I jumped at the opportunity. Needless to say, we had a great time here and here and a lot more on my instagram.


Come September and I was offered a position as a Design Consultant for an interior design company called HEM. I was unsure about this because I felt I was moving away from my first love (fashion), but my mom advised me that it could be beneficial to get an insight into another aspect of design and that it could open doors. Four months later and I am still at HEM and loving it. Saving was a major goal of mine in 2015, and that was achieved whilst at HEM because unlike my previous positions, it was the one constant.


To conclude the year, I got some great news from my dad, that I would be spending Christmas and New Year in Nigeria, specifically in Lagos (because although I was born and lived in Port-Harcourt, Lagos is where all my high school and secondary school friends now reside.) I was in Lagos a day short of 3 weeks and I seriously can’t put into words how much FUN I had there. I hardly tweeted, I rarely posted any pictures on instagram and I just was completely living in the moment. I attended art exhibitions, designer pop ups, dope alternative parties and obviously all the bait spots, lol! I want to shout out to all my girl friends that made my time in Lagos memorable. My main girl Ronaay, a.k.a Aziba, I love you to the moon and back. My girl Fis, Max, Funmz, Tife, Bolly etc. you girls all showed me a good time! The best I can do to describe the cool fun I had, is capitalising the word ‘fun’ like I did about three sentences ago.


I can’t wait for what 2016 has to offer, but God willingly, it will be a hundred times better than 2015. I have a few resolutions, but I usually jot those down in my diary and make sure I keep on top of them as the year goes by.


Happy New Year Ribbons! Thank you to all who leave comments and just generally support me.

You’re always appreciated! x

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