Over Christmas, I was talking to my friend about a guy that I liked and I was debating whether or not to express my feelings to him or not and her response was ‘Nengi, just be intentional’. Now this isn’t the first time I’ve heard someone say ‘be intentional’ or that they’re being more intentional, but this time it struck a chord with me and I decided that 2019 is my year of being intentional. No resolutions, just more intentionality towards my life.

I’m sure everyone has a different approach that they would take if they chose to live intentionally, but I’d like to share the methods I intend to take, below.
1. Life is made up of choices
When you really come to terms that your life is made up of choices, you will begin the streamline process. I’m going to begin picking my attitude in the mornings, understanding that whatever negatives that happened in the past do not define my present and realising that everyday is a new opportunity because I have a choice in the decision making.

2. Evaluating my surroundings
Life moves really fast, so we have to move accordingly and because of that, I am going to start evaluating what I give my energy to. Living an intentional life will require you to take a step back and evaluate what you’re taking in and how it’s affecting you. Once you notice that it’s negative, you’ve got to make a swift U-turn.

3. Become self aware (Part 1)
Self awareness is actually quite simple but it’s something I personally don’t find simple. For example, I love shopping and if I see a nice item that is within my budget, I buy it. I don’t even think twice because it was within my budget and that’s the issue. My excuse could be that I’m a blogger and I need clothes, (which is true) but I have to be more self aware of my purchases. Before I buy absolutely anything now, I am going to take a step back and figure out WHY I’m spending money.

4. Become self aware (Part 2)
You really need to know who you are and get a strong handle on your passions, your talents, your skills and what you bring to a table. Now this is something I genuinely feel I have mastered. I feel this way because I spend A LOT of time with myself and in my time a lone I’m either reading a book, watching things that interest me/relax me or writing down my thoughts. Those are my go to things in my alone times. So ultimately, I have regular check ups with myself to make sure I’m always balanced.

5. Practice gratitude.
When reading Oprah’s ‘What I Know For Sure’ she mentioned keeping a gratitude journal and that day, I began keeping one. Sometimes I forget to physically write down what I’m grateful for, so I say it in a little prayer to God. I ALWAYS start my prayers off thanking God because it just sets the tone for the rest of the things I’m going to pray about and I find it’s a beautiful prayer opener.
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Do you have any tips for living intentionally? If so, leave me a comment below to discuss.

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