Runway Ribbons Coat Collage 1 Runway Ribbons Coat Collage 2 Runway Ribbons Coat Collage 5 Runway Ribbons Collage 4 RunWway Ribbons Coat Collage 3I have been MIBA (missing in blogging action) for a while now and that’s because I have been really ill with the flu. It started with a bad sore throat and then came the fevers and dizziness, then coughing and throwing up. It was seriously horrible, like I had caught some sort of bug! Anyway, I am much better now and I have missed blogging a lot.


I decided to start with a little winter coat lust, as I am in dire need of one this winter. I want a coat that says ‘I’m confident and cool!’ (That’s definitely not too much to ask, is it?!) Anyway, I have my eyes on a few grey’s and camel’s but I haven’t quite decided which yet. In an ideal world, I would purchase one of each colour! But we’re not in an ideal world, so either grey or camel will have to suffice. -_-  I’m also looking for ankle length coats, because I feel that they look a lot more mature and chic. Plus, if you wear something short, a longer coat conceals all that, until you take it off in the presence of warmth. So Ribbons, if you see any lovely coats on floating around the world wide web, don’t hesitate to comment below or send me a short message including the link!


Have a lovely week!!

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