Gone man. Actually, gone boy.

Gone with a single statement. A statement that held no meaning at all.

A statement that was pretty much a lie.


Like a sock in the washing machine, he disappeared. You can almost swear you put a pair of socks in the machine, but somehow only one of them came out.

Somehow in the spin cycle one disappeared. No explanation, just gone.


What exactly did he disappear from?

He disappeared from an idea. An idea of something that began to seem real.

He disappeared from fear of the unknown.

He disappeared out of cowardice.

He disappeared.


He made grand statements about the near future and they rolled of his tongue with ease, you could almost touch the realities. He asked you personal questions about your life, your craft and your future and you asked the same questions back. The conversations flowed like the river nile.


He admired your body, he admired your craft and he admired your drive. You let him into your very personal space with little hesitation. I mean, you don’t just let anybody into your personal space, but he was actually really sweet with a good head on his shoulders.


He shared private parts of himself with you and they felt comfortable. Well you thought they were private parts of him, but in hindsight they were probably parts that he would share with any other person. He told you stories about his past and his siblings. The vice versa (’s) are endless. It all seemed safe and secure, never seemed fake or fraudulent. But remember, he disappeared.


Why would someone who shared private times with you disappear? Why would someone who spoke about the near future disappear? Why would someone who enjoyed your presence and your body disappear?


Because they can.


He didn’t’ disappear because you shared your thoughts with him. Neither did he disappear because you both shared several intimate moments. He also didn’t disappear because you wronged him. He disappeared because that’s what certain people do. They disappear simply because they can.


Who does the fault truly lie with here?


Perhaps the fault is yours. You shared too much. You opened up too soon. You trusted too quickly. You believed too swiftly. Do you see the operative word in those statements? ‘Too’

Anything in life that is described with the word ‘too’ is questionable.


Too much water

Too much poverty

Too much money

Too much chaos

Too many oranges


Nothing should ever be ‘too’ anything. In an ideal world everything should be just right. But we don’t live in an ideal world.


See, the thing with disappearing acts is that it needn’t even happen. Why be a coward when there is an opportunity to be something better? Something much more respected? A question that will probably never be answered.


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