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Hey everyone, hope you have all had a beautiful start to 2020!

I always have mixed feelings about the month of January and I’ll tell you why. So Christmas has just gone by, new years eve has come and gone and then we’re all back to work. We have all these resolutions, goals and dreams for the future and we’re ready to charge full steam ahead. But something happens as the days in January go by. I catch myself in further reflection, and my year never really starts till mid January, (which would be right about now).

There’s just so much to do in December such as shopping, ’tis’ing’ the season, going out to eat, cooking and being merry, that although I set goals for the new year I still end up fine tuning my plans up until mid January. I honestly don’t see it as a bad thing, because there is no rule where you must have everything signed, sealed and delivered on the 1st of January. So if you’re like me and your plans are still underway, don’t fret one bit because at least you’ve got plans and you’re taking active steps to execute them.

My mood board is complete and is stuck up on my wall for me to see as I wake up each morning, my business plan for Runway Ribbons is complete and my emails have all been read and responded to. I feel energised, I feel optimistic and I feel hopeful for the future of 2020. I’m wishing you all great success in everything that you’d like to achieve this year and I’m praying for a few good surprises to come your way.

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