Nengi is a twenty something year old creative from London. She was born and raised in Nigeria, but moved to the United Kingdom thirteen years ago. Nengi launched her fashion and lifestyle website Runway Ribbons in July 2012, but due to the requirements of a creative university degree, she only began focusing on Runway Ribbons at the end of 2014.

Nengi has always had a flare for art and design from a young age, so you could say that creativity is something that stemmed from her childhood. That sense of creativity followed her into adulthood, with her deep love for fashion, photography and fabrics.

Nengi also has a deep desire for wanderlust, as she loves to travel, explore and create beautiful content. The idea of seeing new places, meeting new people and immersing herself into different cultures would make her pack her bags and head to Heathrow! She loves to capture almost everything on camera, so if a beautiful photograph is not on Runway Ribbons, then it’s on her instagram. Besides fashion, travelling and photography, Nengi has a hunger for good food. She enjoys cooking, but especially loves making reservations, dressing up and going out to feed her ever growing palette.

Stay a while, you might like what you see!


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