For the past couple months I’ve written posts that focus on bettering oneself and pretty much believing that there is more out there for you and I’m really pleased with the responses I’ve gotten via various social media platforms. Sometimes when you’re going through something you tend to think you’re alone, but it turns out that everyone else has either been through it or is going through it.


Well, I thought I’d add on to this instagram post that I uploaded two days ago about ‘feelings’. So I’m a pretty emotional person and that’s how it’s been since I was little. I would tear up whilst simply talking about something that someone did that was so touching, or something/someone that hurt me or just memories that I held really close to my heart. I used to absolutely HATE it. I would get emotional whilst speaking to my mum about it, asking her why I always cried during such moments. I went on about how people would think I’m weak if I continue on like that. Needless to say, she hit me with some knowledge and I didn’t question it any longer. I used to think that having deep feelings or always tearing up was a sign of weakness, but then I realised that the only reason why I get emotional when thinking of how things once were (be it a couple days, a few months or years ago) is because it was very important to me and really meant something to me. So why should I feel ashamed or feel as though I’m being ‘weak’ by reacting to a situation in my own way? It’s so silly.


Anyway, this is a short message to say that if you’re like me, and you have a heart that feels things so deeply; just know that by no means are you considered ‘weak’. We just have to embrace it and perhaps just know that people like us have to be extra careful who we let into our lives. These days, almost everyone needs extra vetting, so vetted they will be.

Hope you have a lovely week Ribbons! Also, a talented artists illustrated the lovely picture of me above, here.


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