Whenever I am able to recognise where inspiration for a collection was derived from, it pleases me. It makes me appreciate the designer/creative director of the brand a lot more. It is always nice to see people that believe in their craft go the extra mile and do so through thorough research, (especially when it comes to fashion and design) which is why this Balmain Pre collection was a hit for me.
You probably all know I am a bit biased when it comes to Balmain, as I have a soft spot for Olivier Rousteing and his designs in general. (Yes, a soft spot for designs. Exquisite designs that is.) Although this may be, my feelings for this collection are purely based on fact.

Rococo was fashionable from 1730 – 1770 and as much as I love Baroque art style, I was happy to see Rococo have its moment. The artists of the time just had a more asymmetrical and florid approach to design and it was interesting to see how Rousteing took inspiration from that design era. Ever since studying the works of Hubert Gravelot etc in school, I have since then been taken by the artistry of the time. Rousteing reveals his penchant for rich and sexy silhouettes through his designs, shown here with hourglass sheath dresses, sensual mini dresses embellished with heavy beading and tassels and retro corsets that enhance the shape of the woman’s body.

Rousteing’s pre fall collection is characterised by elegant and refined subject matters and his works typically utilise decorative designs to illustrate a captivating story. What I ultimately adore about his designs and collections, is that they typically have this frolicsome yet regal appeal to the masses. Its something special when a majority of people love what you create even when more than half of that majority cannot afford it. Nothing like havingmass appeal.


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