Bamboo Bag

I’ve had this bamboo bag for yearsss and I had never carried it out. My mom kept telling me to, but I felt it was for the beach and nowhere else. Anyway, her convincing was finally acknowledged and I decided to carry it out with me. I was also going to pair my lovely tan moccasin shoes with the outfit below, but due to the downpour, I decided Chuck Taylor was going to be my date for the day. 

I absolutely loved this last shop I went to, it’s run by an old African lady with the most amazing grey hair ever. She was playing on the drums while I rummaged round. She sells some beautiful crystallised rocks, stones, pebbles, jewellery and artefacts.
                                                                  Top: River Island
                                           Jeans: Vintage VERSACE High waist – eBay
                                                      Shoes: Converse High Tops
                                                                  Blazer: Vintage
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