Runway_Ribbons_Barca_01 Runway_Ribbons_barca_02 Runway_Ribbons_Barca_04 Runway_Ribbons_Barca_05 Runway_Ribbons_Barca_06 Runway_Ribbons_Barca_07 Runway_Ribbons_Barca_08 Runway_Ribbons_Barca_09 Runway_Ribbons_Barca_10 Runway_Ribbons_Barcaa_03Runway_Ribbons_Barca_11There are a lot of reasons to visit Barcelona: The wine, the tapas, the sexy Spaniards, a deep love of Gaudi, you name it! My reason for visiting Barcelona? All of the above! Before my trip I was craving a holiday so badly and haven been bitten by the travel bug years ago, I just had to go!


I went to Barelona for eight days and stayed at the amazing Arts Hotel, which I mentioned in my previous post. Aside from the luxurious stay I had at the hotel, my time in Barcelona consisted of sipping sangria by the pool, visits to Barceloneta beach, experiencing the ‘amazingness’ of Antoni Gaudi and a constant search for the best Paella in town.


My first day was spent on the Barcelona City tour bus, which allowed me to explore from a different height, as well as mark out where exactly I would like to visit within my next couple of days. This is just part one of my Barcelona visual diary, so stay tuned for more. Have any of you been to Barcelona or any other city in Spain? What was it like for you and what else would you recommend, let me know in the comments below?

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