Runway_Ribbons_Baywatch_01 Runway_Ribbons_Baywatch_03 Runway_Ribbons_Baywatch_07 Runway_Ribbons_Baywatch_06 Runway_Ribbons_BaywatchIf I had to choose between the beach or the pool, it would always be the pool. I don’t know what it is about beaches, but they aren’t really my thing (Judging from the photographs above you wouldn’t think so).


Anyway, so on one of our first days in Barca, we headed out to Barceloneta beach, which was conveniently a stones throw from our hotel. The beach was quite packed with people, but we paid our 8 euros for an umbrella and sat our bums on our beach blankets. Prior to this, my friend Bisola bought champagne, fruits, and ice cream for us to indulge in whilst we watched the tides come and go. I must say, that that is a major benefit of chilling on the beach is the tranquility that comes with it. There’s really nothing like the sounds of waves washing up continuously. (I actually have an app that includes all types of water sounds, be it rain drops or thunder storms. The rain drops and wave sounds especially send me off to sleep.)


P.S You would think I was sponsored by Coca Cola (I wish), by how proudly I wore this swim suit, however I wasn’t, I just absolutely love it. It’s from Primark incase you were wondering and it fits perfectly. ┬áSo tell me, are you guys/girls more beach blanket or sun bed? Let me know in the comments below, and if you have a particular reason why.

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