Runway_Ribbons_StrutRunway_Ribbons_ponderRunway_Ribbons_PoseRunway_Ribbons_BackFor a couple of days I have been feeling rather overwhelmed with life in relation to fashion. I love instagram and I love posting pics, (in fact this is my new motto) but something wasn’t clicking this past week. I am quite anal retentive when it comes to my instagram feed and you’re probably wondering why, because after all it’s just instagram right? As a matter of fact you are right. However, you have to remember that everyone is different and in my case, I take pride in layouts, photography and general curating of items. The imbalance I felt with my feed made me confused and a ‘let down’ feeling washed over me.


I didn’t know what to post in order to inspire my followers so I felt like I was letting them down, which then made me wonder about a couple things that were pretty futile (in hindsight). Then came the thought of believing in myself. I spoke to two of my really close friends who are also into fashion and they gave me good advice that can be summed up by the phrase Do You Boo Boo!’


There is this invisible pressure to always upload and impress and stand out and generally just keep the carousel spinning, but sometimes we just need to cut ourselves some slack. We all deserve to take a break that doesn’t involve pondering and worrying about what to do next. I no longer feel the need to always post something just to keep peoples eyes on me, because I believe in myself and my talents, as well as quality over quantity. Followers are fickle and they will always come and go, so just stay true to yourself and you will succeed. Remember, if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.


Photos by: Sarah Kuszelewicz


ASOS Tank Midi Dress, ZARA Cut Out Boots, similar here, and here

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