I would like to start off by apologising for my absence from the Runway Ribbons website. Life has been a little hectic to say the least, and from part-time work to family matters; it hasn’t been easy to upload something on here for you all to be inspired by. It really isn’t as simple as getting dressed, applying a reasonable amount of makeup, heading to your destination, taking pictures and uploading. There is a lot involved in just one blog post and it can get a little time consuming, no matter how much I love it. I particularly have a thing for quality and I would never upload anything that I am not 100% happy with. I did that in the past with some posts and it has always bugged me.


Although I have been away from the blog itself, I have never left my social media platforms, so make sure to follow me there, especially on instagram, in order to see what I’m getting up to. Most times it’s easier to take quick iPhone pictures, edit them slightly, and upload to instagram, than it is to sit down, open up photoshop and word press etc. However, I promise to be more present on the site, although it might not be so easy due to life commitments, I will try my very best. I thought I would be a lot free-er after graduating from university last year, but it seems like the carousel just keeps on spinning (yes, that is a Grey’s Anatomy reference. Can you believe the audacity of Shonda Rhimes?) Anyway, I really appreciate those of you that continue to follow me on my fashion and lifestyle journey regardless of how often I upload pictures and quotes unto the Runway Ribbons site.


Have a lovely week Ribbons!


Photos by: Sarah Kuszelewicz


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