RunwayRibbons_TwirlRunwayRibbons_Red_FlapRunwayRibbons_Black_SkirtRunwayRibbons_StrutRunwayRibbons_Across_RoadRunwayRibbons_Crosses_RoadRunwayRibbons_SmileRunwayRibbons_BlackI apologise for my absence on the blog, but as much as I love doing what I do, sometimes I have the equivalent of writers block. For the blog owners out there, I have a question for you. Do you ever get down the the writing bit of your blog and just don’t know what to say? Well I do. Sometimes an outfit is just an outfit and the scenery chosen is just the scenery chosen. There might not be a special reason why I decided to wear what I wore, no cute story behind my skirt and top combination and no use of clever metaphors in the hopes of engaging my lovely readers. When my brain gets like this, I feel a little upset, because to a certain degree I become a hermit and I assume that you guys won’t be able to relate to my photographs, without me having written something clever. But then I eventually snap put of it, resting assured that a picture paints a thousand words.


Bershka Turtle Neck Jumper, H&M Black & Red Skirt, ZARA Peep Toe Boots, (sold out)

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