RunwayRibbons_TwirlRunwayRibbons_Red_FlapRunwayRibbons_Black_SkirtRunwayRibbons_StrutRunwayRibbons_Across_RoadRunwayRibbons_Crosses_RoadRunwayRibbons_SmileRunwayRibbons_BlackI apologise for my absence on the blog, but as much as I love doing what I do, sometimes I have the equivalent of writers block. For the blog owners out there, I have a question for you. Do you ever get down the the writing bit of your blog and just don’t know what to say? Well I do. Sometimes an outfit is just an outfit and the scenery chosen is just the scenery chosen. There might not be a special reason why I decided to wear what I wore, no cute story behind my skirt and top combination and no use of clever metaphors in the hopes of engaging my lovely readers. When my brain gets like this, I feel a little upset, because to a certain degree I become a hermit and I assume that you guys won’t be able to relate to my photographs, without me having written something clever. But then I eventually snap put of it, resting assured that a picture paints a thousand words.


Bershka Turtle Neck Jumper, H&M Black & Red Skirt, ZARA Peep Toe Boots, (sold out)


  • kendra hunsley

    Boy have i had MANY of those days… I find myself not having much to say about my outfit posts because well, its nothing thaaaat special and is self explanatory… Iv actually decided to add other elements to my blog posts because of that very problem. Sometimes, just speaking about the clothing isn’t really doing anything or impacting some1 in a big way. I mean, how many times can we actually say “im so loving todays look” or “this has got to be one of my favourite looks”, i found myself repeating those statements way too often so i decided to create some sort of topic to my blog besides the clothing aspect. IM big on impacting other peoples lives in a positive way so i promised myself that i will do more meaningful posts. Like eg, in my latest post i touched base on people having preconceived ideas about fashion blogging and it isn’t all peaches and cream,its really hard work,and the post before that i spoke about transitioning into a new stage in my life and how it can be scary. Iv found it easier to write when i bring in personal aspects or topics that are relevant and create some sort of dialogue with my readers. I mean, how much more can u really say about an outfit without sounding like a broken record? Finding new ways to produce intriguing posts and producing unique content is really hard… For what its worth, i find myself coming back to ur blog time and time again. Xx

    • Aww, Kendra your comment has really inspired me! For a while now I’ve been thinking about adding more personal elements, as I’m also quite big on impacting peoples lives in a positive way. Thank you for coming back to Runway Ribbons often, because although I refer to myself as a fashion & lifestyle blogger, lately I seem to have neglected the lifestyle aspect, which has got to change! I really appreciate your remarks, thanks so much! 🙂 xx

  • life is a shoe

    you look fantastic! absolutely love your outfit!

  • Solena

    how much is this?

  • Haha! Writers block, I can totally relate!!!!
    I was just on your IG, I am totally in love with your style so I had to drop by here.

    • It’s so annoying when it happens!
      Thanks so much Shenny! xx