This was one of the funniest shoots I have done in a long while and you’re probably wondering why, seeing as the photographs don’t depict any laughter or jubilance of any sort. Well, let me explain: My friend Sanchita told me about this lovely picturesque spot in London that would be perfect for my photographs, so we met up and headed straight for it. Once we got there, I began taking some photos for her and whilst we were capturing our blog pictures, there were so many funny stories to catch up on and between pretend struts and discussions of the tinder app (long story), we couldn’t even take our selves so seriously.

So after like half an hour, we swapped and Sanch began taking my photos and I was doing my best to channel Naomi Campbell (as best I could in sneakers). Anyway, so I had another outfit that I wanted to capture, and being a ‘live in the moment’ type of girl, I decided to try my hand at ‘discreetly’ stripping in public. Sanch was so embarrassed and was like “Nengi, I don’t condone this, I refuse to let me friend do this in public. Let’s go to Costa so that you can change comfortably.” I was laughing so hard and so was she, albeit in a more embarrassed way. I explained that Costa was too far and this location was prime.

It was such a fumble and I’m sure I am on a street CCTV camera somewhere in London. I treasure such moments, because they will be remembered for a long time and they are the type of occurrences that make blogging sessions fun.

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  • Stripes look amazing on you! x


  • Sanchita Sivaraman

    Hahaha, Nengs this is so cute! Definitely love shooting with you, can’t wait to do it again soon! ??????

  • I adore stripes and they look amazing on you.