_DSC0377.jpgphoto_DSC0450.jpg_DSC0414.jpg_DSC0391I was a cheerleader for 2 years at university and I have to say that it was one of the most interesting extra curricula's that I have ever participated in. Most people assume cheer to be a sort of  'sexy-show off sport' but it was very hard work. The tucks, the round offs, the splits and the herkies were all very tough and strenuous but that's what made it exciting. Cheer is also a very was expensive  sport, from the ever changing uniforms  to the membership, but the sport itself was pretty enthralling, so we didn't mind.


The socials were simply great, as every week there was a different theme to dress up to and I tend to take fancy dress very seriously so I was always prepared. (People that don't make an effort are just so boring). In Leeds uni, there are four teams: Match, All Girl, Co-Ed and Pom. I was on the Match team which performed dances on the sidelines of American football games and basketball games. It was always nerve wracking before a performance, as we had all the boys eyes on us, but eventually if you did a splits instead of a herkie, they were all aloof to the formulation! I was also on the All Girl team which is a more competitive team (think Bring It On 1). Anyway, I decided to give up cheer in 3rd year (sad times) because the workload is crazy! I'm writing this post now instead of finishing my dissertation which is due in 2 weeks… Ooops.


Criminal Damage Varsity Jacket, H&M Sweater, H&M Scuba Skirt, New Balance CM620


Photographs by Emelie Troedsson

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