Hey Ribbons, so I purchased this beautiful metallic skirt in May and I had struggled to wear it because sometimes when an item of clothing works well with different things, it can get confusing knowing WHICH to go with. Well, you can say I made a great choice, as I got a ridiculous amount of engagement when I posted it, as well as a ton of new followers.

I’m going to digress for a bit, but bare with me guys. So I’ve always said this to my friends with regards to blogging/being an influencer and it is that there are always going to be people who are interested in your style/what you have to offer. Always. It’s just a matter of getting in front of them. My recent picture got reposted by a bunch of bigger instagram pages and in the past 2 days about 200 more people (who were clearly interested in what I do), followed me. So it might seem slow sometimes, but I urge you not to give up. Tag bigger accounts, try a new location, find an aesthetic etc. (More on my feed aesthetic soon, as I’ve had a few girls request it).

Anyway, I’ve recently seen so many variations and colours of this pleated skirt in stores all over London, and that happens when trends are a big hit. The classic pleated skirt has been around for years and as fashion will have it, it has made a comeback now. I adore the simplicity and elegance that it holds. Just below the knee and cinched in at the waist that gives the wearer a nicer figure. Pair it with a crop top (like I did), a t-shirt, a jumper, a sweatshirt. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few pleated skirt looks that I love. One , Two, Three, Four, Five


Hope you’re all having a lovely week so far!



Missguided Crop Top, similar here, ZARA Pleated Skirt, similar here

ZARA Wallet On Chain


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