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With the amount of times that I have donned this camel cape on Runway Ribbons, some people within the fashion industry would probably think that I would taken away by the fashion police, guilty of being a repeat offender. But is there anything at all wrong with re-wearing clothes that you’ve spent good money on?! ¬†Should we have a time frame in which we are allowed to wear clothes?! I think not.

There are a lot of fashion industry elites who don’t believe in the repetition of clothes because of some sort of stigma it has. Where this stigma came from, I really do not know. Why should we as women feel as though once an item of clothing has been on our backs they have to be pushed far back into the crevices of our wardrobes, never to be seen again.


Sometimes I wonder how the clothing manufacturers would feel if they knew that the time and energy they put into making specific pieces garments were all for little to nothing. In the instance of couture garments, I can understand why one would wear lets say, a John Galliano couture gown and not want to wear it again. In that instance it has probably served it’s purpose. However, when it comes to regular pieces of clothing. I am aware that everyone will have their reasons why they would never repeat an item of clothing and I’ll probably never understand why, but that’s absolutely fine.


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  1. tgulst
    March 10, 2015 / 6:48 pm

    You are soo stylish

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