Runway_Ribbons_Strappy_Neckline_07Runway_Ribbons_Strappy_Neckline_02Runway_Ribbons_Strappy_Neckline_01Runway_Ribbons_Strappy_Neckline_06Runway_Ribbons_Strappy_Neckline_05Runway_Ribbons_Strappy_Neckline_03A couple of years ago I would not have considered buying this outfit or outfits with low cut necklines even if I really liked them. I would seriously have to think twice about the purchase and eventually I wouldn’t get it. I would be so upset that the designer only made it for girls/women with smaller chests. Then I thought to myself, ‘whoever designed this wasn’t being selective with their designs, they just designed an aesthetically pleasing garment and it’s my prerogative if I choose to wear it or not’.


That being said, I have never been one to not wear a bra and for me not to wear a bra, what I am wearing has to be pretty fitted. Bras are probably the most essential part of underwear to me in the sense that they have a very specific purpose. Now don’t get me wrong, knickers also have a purpose, but I would much rather go knicker-less than bra-less. You could assume that this is because I am a busty girl, but then I would beg to differ. Regardless of the size of our breasts as women, I believe that a bra should be worn regularly if only as my mom would say ‘you can’t cheat gravity’. In fact, the only time that I don’t wear a bra is when I’m sleeping.


You’re probably wondering ‘then why are you bra-less in these photos?’ Well, before I bought the ideal bra for this rather sexy playsuit, I had already taken photographs of this outfit. Don’t worry though; you will see me wearing the ideal bra (in case you need one too) for outfits such as this, in a future post. Before I head off to my friends birthday party, I’ll just add that there really isn’t anything wrong in not wearing a bra. I have a lot of friends who prefer to go bra-less, and that’s their prerogative. I just personally feel more comfortable when my assets are sitting cosy inside a cup. It really is all about preference. However girls, you seriously can’t cheat gravity so whether you’re on the satsuma or melon end of the breast spectrum, I suggest that you strap those puppies down when you can.


P.S It bugs me that the letter ‘e’ in my title décolletage does not have an accent on it. Someone tell me how can this be achieved. Ugh, it really is the little things. -_-


Photos by: Sarah Kuszelewicz


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