In today’s world, we tend to be all about instant gratification and we want things now, (or yesterday if possible). Our attention span is so short, that even marketing companies recommend that when uploading videos, we put the most important points within the first 5 minutes. Or, just make 5 minute videos altogether because then, you’re guaranteed more views and no distraction halfway through.

And that’s where writing comes in to play. Whenever I write an article, I sometimes think to myself I wonder if anyone reads it or finishes reading it and this thought would never have crossed my mind ten years ago. Writing is a skill set that requires time, effort and a lot of thought. A few short years ago, people would pick up a magazine and read it from cover to cover, appreciating the way the writers hyperbolic statements caused them to smile or giggle, or the writers use of onomatopoeia, simply for literary effect. But in this digital age, it is difficult to not get distracted by a 60 second dog clip on instagram, or playing a quick game of candycrush, (I never got into that for some reason) or the grandfather of all distractions, watching TV. People would sooner watch things than read about things. Televised information is undeniably much faster, albeit never as accurate a depiction. I mean, who doesn’t know that all the Harry Potter books are more detailed than the movies? (As good as those movies were, kudos J.K Rowling)

So I’m just here in my room writing away whilst wondering to myself, do people still read blogs, magazines, and articles? Or is writing slowly becoming extinct? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below or on my most recent instagram post.

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