Runway Ribbons -DenimRunway Ribbons_Denim 3Runway Ribbons_Denim 4Runway Ribbons_Deinm 2Runway Ribbons_Denim 5Okay, so I was supposed to go on this wonderful European cruise with my mom today, but I'm not going anymore. -_- Literally, by now I should be on a flight to Barcelona, getting ready to board the ship. It sucks and I'm upset, however, I've decided to let it go. I let it go because as I've grown older, I'm slowly coming to terms with the idea that things happen for a reason. If they are supposed to happen, they will happen. 

You're probably wondering what I mean by 'supposed to', and by that I mean that we as humans rarely have control over what will occur in our lives, so why be upset and angry over something that most probably you cannot change? Also, I'm not one for 'forcing' things, because when I force things e.g friendships, experiences, adventures, life in general… then I know it didn't come naturally and I'm usually not pleased with forced outcomes. I like to live and let live. If I was supposed to be in Barcelona right now, then I would be.


P.S Does anyone know what fruits those are, growing from the trees in my pictures?


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