Why am I still layering when spring should have sprung by now?! That is a question that I will probably always have to ask myself if I continue to call London home. The British weather fluctuates as much as aeroplane ticket prices during peak periods, but that being said, according to BBC Weather forecast; we are in for a good week. So far so good,


The adaptability of this dress made it so appealing to me when purchasing. You can have both sides unzipped, you can zip up one side or you can zip up both sides. It really is all in the details for me and being taken by this particular detail, I decided to pair this dress with black denim jeans and my newly acquired clear strap heels. I love these heels because they have an ‘almost invisible’ aesthetic and because of that ‘invisibility’, my feet are somewhat elongated whenever I wear a dress. See here.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to wearing this dress without jeans and that would probably be when the weather becomes more lenient, which is why April can’t come sooner! Not just because I open up the month (April fools baby), but I’m actually so over winter.


Hope your week is going great so far Ribbons and thanks for all the support!



ZARA Leather Jacket, H&M Ribbed Dress,

TOPSHOP Joni Jeans, Daisy Street Heels, Vintage Handbag

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