_DSC1067_DSC1012_DSC1007_DSC1017_DSC1066I wore this on my last day at DvF and I got so many compliments on my whole outfit and the skirt in particular. When I put it together, I had worn black so much that it got so easy to style the colour and now, I officially appreciate it and can’t wait to produce a capsule collection. Anyway, as the clients were leaving and we all started to wrap things up at the showroom, one of the managers told us that we get to pick ¬†five dresses on the DvF website that are under 400 euros, (might be 300, I can’t remember) and if our first option is in stock then we will get it posted to us, but if it wasn’t, then she would choose one of the other four choices as back up.

I seriously could not believe what I had just heard. The last picture depicts the look on my face when I heard. We get a FREE Diane Von Furstenburg dress?! Excitement was an understatement and when I let her know that I was clueless to this fact, she was surprised and said she must have forgotten to tell us, but how nice it was that we were willing to work without an incentive! Anyway, when I receive my dress, I will be sure to showcase it on the blog!


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