It’s easier said than done.
What isn’t easier to say than to do? Think about it.
Reading a novel is easier said than done.
Taking out the bin is easier said than done.
My Textile Design coursework was easier said than done.
Typing out this blog post is easier said than done.

Practically everything on God’s green earth is easier to say than to actually do. Why? Because ‘doing’ takes time, requires effort, know how, dedication, understanding, will etc. Anything worth doing requires effort, so the question to ask ourselves is, what is important to us? What do we need to do? Not just ‘want’, but rather, ‘need’. ‘Easier said than done’ comes from a fear of the unknown and a fear of failure.

What if it doesn’t work out?
How do I know I’m ready?
Will I find somebody better?
Do I even have the right skill set?

I am convinced that if we ask more positive questions things will seem a bit more doable. Also, if we ask no questions at all and just ‘do’. We will find out sooner rather than later if our decisions were right. Sometimes all you need to do is take that first step.

Last week I told my uncle about my dreams and aspirations and he said to me ‘The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.’ This couldn’t be truer.

If we continue to use ‘it’s easier said than done’ in place of taking action, we will find ourselves in the position that we have always been in.
We will never leave the jobs we hate.
We will never save up for that holiday.
We will never take a cooking class.
We will never learn Arabic.

All because instead of trying, we end the conversation at ‘It’s easier said than done.’ Let’s make a change today.

I hope the month of May brings you all lots of joy and God’s blessings!


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  • I love these words of wisdom. I like what you said about just doing things rather than thinking or asking questions. May we all receive the grace to get things done rather than keep saying.

    Princess Audu

    • Thanks Sarah, I’m glad you appreciated this post.
      Yes, I also hope we have the grace to do just that. So beneficial!

      Have a lovely weekend!

  • I can totally relate. Such an inspiring post