Eudon Choi A/W 16

Fashion Week has been hectic to say the least, and it’s not even over yet. Firstly, my friend Nareasha arrived from Los Angeles just days before the shows begun, so I’ve been showing her around London as well as going to shows/presentations with her. This has probably been the busiest past three days and I’ve absolutely loved them! I know everyone says it, but it’s so true that when you’re doing the things you love, it really doesn’t feel like work.


When I got my invite to Eudon Choi I was really pleased because this would be my first live show at London Fashion Week! I’ve been to LFW in the past (when it was at Somerset House) but I always went for presentations and as great as presentations are, (you get to see the intricate details and finishes on garments on an ‘up-close-and-personal’ level) there’s nothing like watching a show live. Yes I get all these emails informing me where I can live stream stuff (and I have done so a couple times) but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of the lights dimming, the music coming on and the models coming out from the backstage and finally the creative director/designer coming out to wave. Seeing the designs come down the runway, hearing the applause and the general atmosphere make it all worth it.


There is so much more fashion week posts coming up on the blog, so bare with me if my analysis of each designer isn’t as detailed as I would like it to be. Maybe one day when I have a Runway Ribbons team, I wont be spread out so thinly. In the meantime, check out my other fashion week posts, way more detailed I assure you.


Valentino, Balmain, Phillip Lim

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