Everyone Has Gone Camouflage Crazy!

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd, particularly when it comes to fashion. I have to genuinely really like the item, in order to overlook the fact that others are wearing it etc. Eg: I really like the Michael Kors watches, and I kind of need a metal/fossil sort of watch, because the straps to my other 3 ‘leather’ watches in the past year, have broken. However, I can’t deal with the fact that everyone has one. 
Anyway, I go to Leeds University, which is an extremely student populated city and as I walk through the campus trying to get to my various lectures and seminars, at least 2 girls are bound to be wearing some form of a green jacket with contrast leather sleeves, camouflage jacket, camouflage jacket with leather sleeves or a plain army green jacket ALL in the same vicinity. I mean, the jackets are okay but it is just seen way too much around campus. Buy a fur coat, get a leather jacket, buy a parka, wear a denim jacket.

Feel free to comment & let me know if you have one, if you intend on purchasing one or simply what you think about the way they stormed into the lives of youths this autumn. 


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