Do you believing in ‘faking it’ till you make it’?

How LONG do you have to ‘fake it’ till you ‘make it’?

HOW do you even ‘fake it’?

SHOULD you fake it till you make it?


So little time, so many questions.

The phrase fake it till you make it has been used in good and bad contexts so it is quite difficult to really speak on this subject.

With regards to social media, I sometimes find that ‘faking it’ starts right from the moment certain people speak. Whilst watching certain YouTube videos I almost don’t hear the people themselves. The words tend to sound sort of commercial and sometimes it’s as though what is being said is only being said in order to convey a different personality. A personality that is put on to perhaps attract viewers, brands or sponsors. The product or the information that is being put  across can seem staged and false. Almost like the main purpose is to be liked by a mass audience. Because in being ‘liked’ we will reach those heights we so desperately crave to. By no means does this feeling of mine occur every time I watch ‘YouTube-er’s’ videos, it’s just something that I noticed over time.

On the blogging spectrum, I actually know of a fashion blogger who ‘faked it’ and has made it. She bought her followers, hired stylists to assist with her outfits (a fashion blogger who doesn’t style her own outfits? *insert emoji with hand on chin*) and over time she is living what seems to be an admirable lifestyle. Did it work? Yes. But it doesn’t always. And even when it does work, you tend to be lost because you can hardly hold a conversation on how you got to where you are today. Stories most probably have to be made up and I assume your conscience suffers, no matter how little.

In all honesty, I find it difficult to fake anything. I’m the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, who is unapologetically honest, (but will always manage to spare your feelings) and who isn’t a fan of false pretence. It’s just not me. As millennial’s who crave instant gratification it can be a very long and hard road to walk, so we almost feel as though ‘faking it’ is the only option to get to where we want to be, which I do understand, but I don’t know how long and successful one can walk that road for.

All this being said, it is a very thin line. I know the feeling of wanting to propel myself to success but there is no elevator to success. You really have to take the stairs.


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