I’ve never been one to actively follow trends because I generally don’t like things that everyone has. Whilst everyone is carrying the Gucci Marmont bag, Nengi will be carrying something else. When everyone loved the Balenciaga Ceinture boots, Nengi hated them. However, I do like those boots now. You see, that’s the thing with trends and me, I prefer them when they’ve come and gone. Because again, I prefer owning items that I don’t see on every fashion head. (Is that a term? Not sure…)

Now let’s get into this belt bag/fanny pack trend, because your girl is actually loving it. I initially saw it on a street style blog and I couldn’t believe how fancy and update it looked. I remember having a Barbie one when I was younger and it was the ideal travel bag because it was right in front of me, so I could keep an eye on it at all times. So this Gucci one was so exciting to see, until I realised it was just as exciting to see for everyone else. Lol! Not again I thought, I’m not going to miss out on a trend just because every Hannah, Rebecca and Any have it. Nope.

I saw this one in Topshop last year and it was nice, but I felt it was too similar to the very popular Gucci one, so it was a no from me. Finally, I stumbled on a different texture and shape on the Nastygal website and I knew I had to have it. If you know me, you know I love mini bags anyway, so this just adds to my collection. A stress free way to carry my bits and bobs with my eye on it at all times. If you’re interested, it also comes in black.

Let me know in the comments below what you all think about trends. Are you into them? Is this particular trend right up your street? Let me know x

Photography: Jacquetta Clark

Vintage Plaid Blazer, Nastygal Fanny Pack

(also in black and white)

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