Farewell 2013!


2013 was an interesting year. I made new friends and found old ones. I was tried and tested by people, but I came out on top. I turned 21 in a lovely atmosphere. I came to terms with the fact that you cannot change people. I also became closer to my Christian faith and hopefully that carries on in 2014. I was able to successfully pass my 2nd year at university with an average of a 2.1. I visited my home country after 7 years of being M.I.A. I saw so many celebrities that I admire, at the Chime For Change concert. I gave up on certain people and I became closer to unexpected people. All in all, I achieved a lot f things in 2013 that I can’t even remember, and I really could not be happier with the woman typing this right now.
I am confident that 2014 will be my year of success in everything I wish to achieve. This blog has been an outlet for all my emotions and feelings and I have my readers to thank for it’s success so far and I hope it’s progression is sustained and even surpassed in 2014. I only ever have a hand full of resolutions, because I’ve never intended to change myself. So I’ve made a few resolutions, that are in place to remind me of my goals and to keep the fire of continuity burning in me.
Carpe Diem and Happy New Year Ribbons!! xx

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