Hey Ribbons, so I know I’ve been away from the blog for quite a while, however if you follow me on instagram, you’ll realise that I have been out of the country for a week. I mentioned in a previous post that I was travelling (but of course I didn’t say where because I never do until I reach my destination) and that I absolutely couldn’t wait. Well, my holiday has come and gone and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I went with a couple of my girl friends to Miami, Florida and we stayed at The Fontainebleu Hotel, which is right beside/on Miami Beach. Having only ever been to America once when I was about 17 years old, I wasn’t aware how strict the airport security was. Then, I visited New York for just a week and the airport situation was honestly an ordeal with all the finger printing, eye scans and extremely tight security.

Although stressful, it was quite understandable. Similar airport situation for Miami, but once I left the airport it was smooth sailing. Honestly, we couldn’t have picked a better hotel than Fontainebleau. (We visited a couple others and I was definitely happy with our choice). It was pretty magical. The staff were nice, the food was great and the people were lovely. I have always felt like Americans are friendly people and they proved me right again. They are so easy to converse with ad very helpful. After checking in we headed up to our rooms then straight down to the pool, before eventually having dinner on Ocean Drive that evening.

Skip to a couple days later we went out clubbing every night to some well-known clubs like Mokai, Rockwell, LIV, Story etc. We were only in Miami for a week so we had to fit as much as we could into the week. I think we went to two clubs in one night on one of the days. That can happen comfortably in Miami because clubs shut around 00:05. Some 6, some 7. In London, by 03:00 or 03:30, it’s home time. Anyway, I’ve got more Miami stories to come and a vlog once I have put up all the Miami posts, so keep an eye out.


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