Runway_Ribbons_006Runway_Ribbons_005Runway_Ribbons_003Runway_Ribbons_004Runway_Ribbons_007Runway-Ribbons_001Runway_Ribbons_002After putting this outfit together, it took me a while to realise how Roman-esque the ensemble was. It was only when my friend commented on my instagram picture saying ‘Slaay honey! I feel like you need a sword and a metal shield, that I realised how 105 BC my entire outfit was. I quite like it though, it reminds me of the TV show Spartacus, which I enjoyed for the story line, but mainly for the scantily clad gladiators. 😉


With regards to my outfit, let’s just say that I couldn’t love Zara anymore if I tried. Everything I’m wearing (except the cape) is from Zara. The gladiator sandals are actually two years old, and I still remember when they got delivered to my student house in Leeds. I was so excited! I love items that you can have for years without them really going out of fashion, and I would say that is one of the joys of buying real leather over pleather. Lots of stores are currently stocking variations of gladiator sandals and I love them all! I will tag a few below.


P.S So I got this cute boxy tote (pictured above) from Topshop and I was so upset when I realised that the manufacturers had pretty much engraved the TOPSHOP lettering on the front of the bag. What is up with that?! They are not a household name so why do such?! It really did put me off and if I wasn’t desperate for a bag that was a little bigger than my usual shoulder bags, I wouldn’t have purchased it. Anyway, I coloured the letters in with black permanent marker so that the words wouldn’t be noticeable. Hash-tag, problem solved.

Does anyone else feels this way?


Mango Camel Cape, similar here & here, ZARA Sleeveless Knit, similar here,

ZARA Skirt, similar here, TOPSHOP Tote, ZARA Gladiator sandals, similar here and here