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Hey Ribbons, this week has been so hectic and I apologise for the shortage of posts, but there is fabulous news! *Drumroll Please* 

…I'm officially a Textile Design graduate, from The University of Leeds!!!!


I graduated on the 15th of July and it was a gorgeous event to say the least. My graduation was exactly how I imagined it would be, with my whole family and friends around me. My ceremony started at 1:30pm and we (all the graduates from the School of Design) had to be outside the great hall at 1:00pm in order to be seated on time. We sat through a 45 minute speech about some history about Leeds design and clothing and God knows what else (It dragged on too long, so I zoned out). We were all just itching to go and recieve our individual certificates and since my surname begins with the letter 'W' I had to sit and applaud a handful of graduates before they got to me. Once they were 5 names left until mine, I cannot tell you how fast my heart was beating. My thought process was 'I hope I don't fall', 'I need to adjust my dress when I stand up', 'What if my hood gets hooked on something and pulls be down to the ground.' OTT, I know. But these things happen, I'm a witness. Anyway, once I heard my name, I stood up as gracefully as I could and approached the chancelor. My mum had already text me prior to all this, reminding me to smile and linger as I shake his hand, so that their speed camera could capture me perfectly. I did my best.


Anyway, if any of you reading this have graduations coming up, I wish you a sunny day as wonderful as mine. For those of you that have already graduated, congratulations, we made it!!! 🙂 


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