Runway_Ribbons_Grey_Area_2Runway_Ribbons_Grey_Area_CollageRunway_Ribbons_Grey_Area_3Runway_Ribbons_Grey_Area_5There’s nothing like someone that feels genuine happiness and appreciation for you and what you’re doing. I received one of the loveliest text messages from a friend yesterday and I cannot explain how good a mood it put me in. In a nutshell, she told me that she loves how my style has grown into it’s own unique presentation of fashion and timelessness. And she can tell that I’m finding myself more and more each day. It’s funny because without someone mentioning that, I probably wouldn’t have stopped to think how much I have grown and how well I actually am doing. In life we tend to look at how much we’ve got left to go, rather than realising how far we’ve come. It’s always good to take time out to reflect on life and our achievements.


ZARA High Neck Sweater, H&M Scuba Skirt, similar here, ZARA Bag, NEXT Thigh High Boots

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