Hey Ribbons! So what do you know, I’m starting a podcast. Nothing long winded though, just something that you can listen to as you buy your groceries, walk your dog or right before bed. I’m going to give you some excerpts below, but if you’d like to get the complete ‘story’, keep scrolling until you see the play button, or head over to my soundcloud page.

Growing up shy meant that I didn’t like a lot of attention. I wouldn’t raise my hand in class even though I knew the answer, and when the child who supposedly knew the answer raised his hand and got it wrong, I’d be upset that I didn’t express my knowledge. Another thing I would do was sign up for drama class because I liked acting (but what do you know, I would scribble my name off the board before 3rd period was over). I guess the fear of saying 3 lines really held me back. Who knows!

Putting myself ‘out there’ was the scariest thing to me and in some ways it still is, slightly. I took ballet lessons for 6 years and I loved it with all my heart, in fact when it was time for my ballet recital, I couldn’t wait to get my costume on and slay the stage. The nerves were still there, but because this was something that I absolutely loved. I pushed through it and got my bouquet at the end.

You see, I would describe myself as an ambivert. I love my ‘me time’, but I also enjoy going out with friends and partying all night. The ratio however, is very imbalanced, thus the ambivert ‘diagnosis’. I remember when this guy really wanted to take me out on a first date, so he asked me ‘Hey Nengi, so what would you like to do on Thursday’ Now, I knew damn well…

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