Runway_Ribbons_New_Year_CollageAt the beginning of 2014, I told a few close people that 2014 would be my year. When I said ‘my’ year, there were specific things I put in place to achieve, in order for it to be ‘my’ year. Thankfully, a lot of those things happened. I have absolutely enjoyed this year, because I have achieved a great deal of things that make my very proud. To mention a few, I graduated with a 2.1 from University, studying a course that I loved. I visited Paris for a week with one of my best friends and I actually SAW Paris. It wasn’t a pretentious or super upscale end of Paris I experienced, rather it was the raw fun moments I experienced in the city. I also took Runway Ribbons a lot more seriously, by posting more often and through that, getting to know so many new people via social media! There really are so many wonderful people out there, all you have to do is find them.


In 2014 I let a lot of things go and it felt so great! I was able to move on and focus on the things that really mattered, and this made me feel entirely comfortable with myself and who I am. I visited Barbados which was simply breathtaking! The food was great and ‘surfing‘ for the first time was a very scary but fun experience! I met Rihanna’s brother (crazy, I know) and a few other interesting people on the island, whom I will always remember. I became close with the group of girls I travelled with, (prior to the trip I didn’t really know a lot of them) and that made my friendship circle grown even more. I saw Naomi Campbell and Franca Sozzani at The Vogue Festival and I got my first free piece of clothing (thanks to blogging and to everyone who supports me) from Triangl Swimwear (what a great first! lol). I interned at Diane Von Furstenberg which was such a great experience. (Absolutely love Diane and all she stands for). I also celebrated my 22nd birthday with some close friends at Nobu, where the sushi is heavenly! There are just SO many things that were made possible in 2014, and even though I can’t remember them all now, I am more than happy to know that the memories will stay with me forever.


To everyone who reads, secretly reads, glances or even scrolls through Runway Ribbons, THANK YOU and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I look forward to making more wonderful memories with my friends and family in 2015.


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