RunwayRibbons Scuba 8.jpgRunwayRibbons Scuba 6RunwayRibbons Scuba 7RunwayRibbons Scuba 2RunwayRibbons Scuba 5RunwayRibbons Scuba 1I'm something of a TV show fanatic and I watch ridiculous amounts. Breaking Bad (which has now finished forever) is one of my all time favourite shows. The intelligence of the story line and it's various twists and turns always surprised me, and I'm glad I was able to experience such a great TV. As can be seen above, I am wearing a Heisenberg T Shirt because being such a big fan I just 'HAD' to have it. Another thing I just HAD to have was the sweatshirt as seen here, so you can tell that for me to own two items of clothing with Walter White's face on it, the show was pretty damn great. Anyway, being something of a TV fanatic, I watch everything from Scandal to Game of Thrones to Downton Abbey to Greys Anatomy to True Blood. (How different are all those shows?! I know, crazy right?!)

So what shows are you all into and what would you recommend I watch?


Happy hump day Ribbons! Friday is just around the corner! x


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