If I styled my mum, I would style her in Hermès.
To me, Hermès embodies the grown woman aesthetic. A woman who is rich in health (and wealth), and who loves designs that don’t necessarily scream out any one brand. She loves the feel of exquisite fabrics against her skin and is also comfortable in her skin (I’m basically describing my mom here).

For a while now I have noticed other designers who may have embraced the ‘Hermès aesthetic’ as I like to call it. Rosetta Getty for instance, The Row, created by the Olsen twins and I also see some similarities with Gabriela Hearst. I am a very big fan of The Row and Rosetta Getty’s designs, which is why this idea that they may have embraced the ‘Hermès aesthetic’ is nothing but inspirational to me.

It is not only high-end designers on the tails of this stealth fashion aesthetic, high street designers are also about the stealth fashion life (E.g. Oska, Cos, &Other Stories…). No need for Hermes to fear though, as according to Business of Fashion, the company is in great shape. Hearing that, I need no more convincing of the facts, but even just looking at Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski’s (creative director of Hermès) new direction, she seems very comfortable in the French house and has pulled out all the stops for this Autumn/Winter collection. This time, she showed no love to the equestrian lifestyle, (which is usually very Hermès) but which I appreciated greatly.

Here we see a cool palette ranging from cool to warm, coupled with house classics like navy blue and black. Some of my favourite pieces being the grey on grey ensembles and the silky peach long sleeved dresses. Some pieces were so basic, yet pristine enough to imagine a woman ‘uber-ing’ to all her business meetings. The use of full on leather in certain pieces just work so well without looking hooker-ish (all leather is a nice look but it needs to be done very well) and the cashmere layers, to the structural kimono-sleeve tops, to the culottes all resulted in one beautifully luxe and covetable collection.


Photos: Vogue Edit: Nengi Willie-Pepple   Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Bloglovin