Hermes Birkin, My Dream Bag

If there was one item that I could continually put on my ‘wish list’, it would be the Hermes Birkin handbag. The Birkin bag is handmade in France by expert artisans and an average bag is created in 48 hours. Leathers are obtained from different tanners in France, resulting in varying smells and textures. The bags are sold in a range of sizes and each one is made to order with each customer-chosen hides, colour and hardware. I have always been a fan of ‘one-off’ pieces, which is why I appreciate haute couture so much. I love the fact that you can be the only person with a specific item in the whole world. It’s exciting! Prices for the Birkin depend on the colour, hardware and fixtures. One of my favourites and the most expensive, are the ones made from saltwater crocodile skin. The Birkin has a lock and key enclosed in a leather clochette. The metal hardware is plated in gold or palladium to prevent tarnishing but the hardware is kept up to date to  maintain the top quality available in the industry at the time of production. The company justifies the cost of the Birkin bag, compared to other bags, based on the meticulous craftsmanship and scarcity. I don’t actually know the price of a Birkin, but I believe that they can be anything from £6,000 and above.
 I can’t fully explain my love for this bag, but just know that if I ever received one I probably won’t speak for 5 minutes because I will be ogling the handbag. After those 5 minutes, I will cry. There truly is nothing like tears of joy. Popular blogger says: “…the fact that the Birkin is a handbag is besides the point. It represents success, achievement and status. It shows that the wearer is a card carrying member of the $10,000 handbag club. It is the ultimate status symbol, for first-timers who save for months on end to buy their very first Birkin to those seasoned collectors who must have every new colour or size in their wardrobe. because the Birkin is more than just a bag, it’s a lifestyle.”
I cannot wait till I can afford one 🙂
Celebrities Donning A Birkin
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