Hermes Takes On London

 Today I went to the Saatchi gallery, just in time to catch the last showing of the Festival De Metiers. I love Hermes and I love Birkins even more, as you may know from this post, so I decided it was only right to get an insight into the minds of the crafts men and women. It was simply amazing as they stitched meticulously and showed step by step processes of crafting the leather goods and silk scarves. Now I fully understand why Hermes items costs so much. I feel that one can’t expect hand crafted items to be cheap, it just wouldn’t make sense. The time and effort put into one bag, in order to make it unique to the costumer can take days, even weeks! All the artisans were French and it was so beautiful to hear them speak (they had translators by their side). I am really glad I attended and it made me want to have their items even more, as I realise how suited to the customer it is. I also can’t wait to be able to afford the scarf for my mum. (Scarves are her thing) She believes that a scarf can transform a whole outfit! 🙂

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