Runway_Ribbons_80sRunway_Ribbons_80s_Runway_Ribbons_80s_CollageRunway_Ribbons_80_sRunway_Ribbons_80_s_I grew up watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and as I sat there laughing at various jokes, I would always say to my mum how much I adored the outfits that Hilary wore. She knew how to style herself in such a way that she would look beautiful and also be taken seriously. Wouldn’t we all like to posses such abilities? I know I certainly would, which is why when I spotted this cropped sweater jacket at Guerrisol in Paris, I had to have it!


I thrift shop on occasion and I prefer it this way, because I tend to find a diamond in the rough during these once in a blue ‘thrifting’ experiences. A few years ago, I found my current MOSCHINO belt at a Cancer Research branch in Hertfordshire, but that is a story for another day. Would you believe it if I told you this lovely chanel-esque number was only 10 euros? I wouldn’t either!


Have a lovely weekend Ribbons!

Vintage Knit Jacket, H&M Grey Scuba Skirt, similar here, ZARA Strappy Heels, (sold out), Vintage Bag


  • Sinéad Danielle ?

    10 euros!? Goodness, that’s amazing! I love vintage/second hand shopping for the same reasons – would love the hear the story behind the Moschino belt.

    Totally nailed it with this outfit, huge thumbs up from me!
    Sinéad xo ?
    fabuleuse, toujours ?

    • I know, it was such a steal! I’ll definitely tell the story about the Moschino belt, you will be shocked at the price! lol

      Thanks girl! 🙂 xx