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Sooooooo, I'm off to Barbados tomorrow and words can't describe my excitement right now! By the time a lot of you read this, I'll probably be checking in at Gatwick Airport, eeeek! Anyway, my education journey started 18 years ago and it's safe to say that it is finally over. I mean, we never stop learning in life, but at least it's not compulsoy learning. Plus, a nice long break is needed after all my hard work and thankfully, I am fortunate enough to take one. Anyway, I doubt I will be able to blog whilst I'm in Barbados, but I will DEFINITELY post on instagram, so follow me there. Above are a mixture of things I bought in preparation for the trip and things I WISH I bought in preparation for those blue skies and palm tree filled aestheitcs. Either way, I am going there to relax and have a good time, so the clothes and accessories on my back shouldn't matter tooo much.


1.H&M Sun Hat 2. ASOS Flat Sandals 3. ASOS Maxi Dress 4. New Look Clutch 

5. andeau-top-and-skort-3020083?bi=1&ps=20″>TOPSHOP Co-ord 6. TOPSHOP Flatforms 7. TOPSHOP Crop Top


I got numbers 1,2 and 4 🙂

Have a lovely week Ribbons!! 

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