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I’m sure that you’re all aware of the pandemic that has swept the world and in light of that, I decided to share with you the two main ways thoughts it has affected me, but also what I use my new found free time to do. Apart from blogging, I used to work part-time as a social media specialist for a start up company, but due to Covid-19, I lost my job. I was sad about it but I wasn’t distraught because at the end of the day, I’m alive and healthy and with the current death toll in the UK, those two things are like fairy dust.

My premium womenswear line that has been in the pipeline for literal years was coming to fruition this easter but then Covid-19 struck so the manufacturers and supplies had to put things on pause. Some of the workers have been working remotely and are starting on the samples, but the marketing and promotion might be in jeopardy, as I now won’t be able to go to interesting locations to shoot like I’d hoped. I won’t even be able to invite friends or bloggers to come round for a shoot because… drum roll please… social distancing. Most importantly, sales. I’m honestly hoping and praying that people will still want to shop for new clothes in the wake of a pandemic, in the hopes that they will wear it once everything has settled down. These are all things I have to contend with, but I have faith that one way or the other, things will work out for good.

As a child I was an introvert but as I grew up I gradually became and ambivert. For those who don’t know what that is, an ambivert is someone who possesses both introverted and extroverted qualities. That being said, I’m more on the introverted end of the spectrum which means before the virus hit, I normally enjoyed my own company and stayed at home loads. In fact, when people would ask if I had any plans for the weekend, 8 time out of 10 the answer would be ‘not much, just chillin’/cooking/reading’.

I know a lot of friends who are having a bit of cabin fever right now, but I honestly think that as a nation, as a whole world, when we’re in a rush to return to normal, we should take this time to consider which part of normal is worth rushing back to. Not all storms come to disrupt, some come to clear paths. All in all, the pandemic hasn’t affected me in tragic ways and that is what I am most grateful for. I pray your families and friends are all safe and healthy and by continuing social distancing, we will hopefully be out of this very soon.

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