Whenever you commit yourself to something you love, you have to go after it with all your heart. Speaking from experience, it has been tough to do this but a couple months back I made a promise to myself to wholeheartedly go after things that made me smile, made me happy and just brought peace to my life. In doing that, the bad things and toxic people leave you. They leave you because when you’re beginning to live your best life, you have no time to worry about what others think about you or how they perceive you; you just live for your own fulfilment.

1.) Be Brave

It takes bravery to follow your dreams, and those who achieve greatness are the people willing to be scared but not scared off. You have to be willing to take calculated risks.

2.) Be Respectful

Your success is entirely based on your reputation, so you have to be kind to others, be aware and respect the people around you. Never forget to speak your mind, but be careful to think before you speak.

3.) Be Yourself

This is something I strongly believe. You really don’t have to sacrifice your personality, beliefs or lose who you are to achieve success in life. Just stay true to your core values and focus on your goals and you will accomplish the things you want.

4.) Believe In Yourself

Now this is incredibly important. Belief in oneself is like none other, because when no one believes in you, you only have yourself.

5.)Look after yourself

I’ve never been an unhealthy person but I also never exercised (apart from playing sports in school). So in August 2016, I began going to the gym in order to keep fit, tone up and get my heart rate up. When all is said and done, the only way that you’ll truly ever live your best life, and get the most out of every day, is if you take care of yourself. “Good health is the key to happiness, and happiness is the key to success.”

There are times when I’ve been broke, down and out and just at my wits end, but then I think of why I started doing what I’m doing and I snap out of all the ‘sadness’. My belief in myself is paramount to anything. If not me, who? If not now, when?


And in the great words of Kanye West, let up the suicide doors, this is my life homie you decide yours.

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