Being comfortable in your own skin is so essential to your life, and in order to feel comfortable in our bodies we must change our perspective. Think positively and positive things will happen. I am aware that for some people it is not as easy as it may sound, but it really can be easy. Don’t wait for people to compliment you, just go ahead and compliment yourself because you more than likely deserve that self-compliment.


In no way am I saying be smug and pompous, because that’s just a nasty trait. However, appreciate your physical appearance, your clothes and your mind. As women, we tend to put ourselves down from time to time, and it is absolutely unnecessary to do so. An issue that I used to struggle with were my ‘flaws’ but as soon as I got comfortable with them, I was significantly happier.


I mentioned to my friends last week how I really wasn’t happy with my skin and scarring etc. and they gave me great compliments, which made me feel a lot better. But let me just say that regardless of their comments, I was fine. I didn’t mention it because I wanted some form of validation, (You don’t need validation from anybody) I mentioned it simply to share. Nobody is perfect and the sooner we realise that; the sooner we can learn to love ourselves and change the way we feel. If there is someone you think that has the perfect figure, the perfect hair, the perfect skin or just the perfect life in general, then you probably don’t know him or her well enough. Nine times out of ten, there is probably something else in their life that is not so perfect. That’s just life. Nobody is perfect, so love you.


If in doubt, listen to Love Yours by J.Cole. (I’m seeing him in concert a week from today, eek!)


Photos by: Sarah Kuszelewicz


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  1. PeterTheRock
    May 19, 2015 / 9:02 am

    Very well written. You speak the truth 🙂

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