Someone please take me back to temperatures that allowed for these types of clothing! Sigh… If dreams were horses. So these photographs were shot in Lekki market, Lagos and honestly it was such a fun experience. My entire time in Nigeria was pretty great actually, and you can read more about it here.

Whenever people see my blog pictures or scroll through my instagram, they look up at me and ask “Have you ever thought of modelling?” to which the answer is always too jumbled to form a proper sentence. It goes something like this: “Yeah, I’ve modelled in the past for friends, nothing professional”. “It’s nice, but…” “Erm, I would like to but…” “Mmm, no not really. I’m too old; I think they look for models way younger. Also, I’m not skinny, plus it’s too difficult to get into, but I mean, I’d really love to”.

I know, those short sentences were honestly too confusing for me to type. I probably mixed up the ellipsis, quotations and commas to which I’m certain Mr DeQuincey would not be proud (Former English Lit teacher). But all this to say that I really wanted to be a model growing up. I watched Americas Next Top Model in the hopes that I would one day apply, get a call from Tyra, squeal with excitement and ultimately I would get the Cover Girl contract. It was a no brainer really, I’d watched previous seasons and was well versed on exactly how to beat my competitors. But as Biggie once said, it was all a dream. This is all to say that I felt like a model for the first time ever when posing for these particular photos. Yes, I know I have thousands of blog photos where I am posing, but for some reason this felt different.


So, is blogging just modelling? Well, no. I feel as thought the two can’t really be compared. For starters models go through rigorous working conditions in order to even become a model, so the only main similarity between the two is the posing. As bloggers we don’t have to struggle to get cast, we don’t have to attend go sees, we don’t have to ‘fight’ for a spot. I love the inclusiveness of blogging because in all honesty, anyone can be a blogger. So although there are similarities, hashtag brand campaigns, the differences are clear. Regardless, I’m very grateful that I get to produce beautiful content for you all, which in a way makes me fulfil that childhood dream of mine.


Forever 21 Crop Top, Solace London Slit Pants (sold out)

Photography: Aday Living

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