Keke Na Pepe.

The three wheeled bright yellow mode of transportation Nigerian’s use to get from point A to B. Albeit, not all. In all honesty I had never been inside a Keke until this shoot, simply because I don’t live in Nigeria for one and in my time there, I hadn’t needed to. They’re super cute and I actually wouldn’t mind owning one. But owning anything on wheels will require one to be able to drive and since I can’t do that yet… Yeah you get my point.

So this was my second blog shoot in Lagos and prior to this shoot, I had always imagined how easy it would be to live and blog in a hot country. The weather would never disappoint and the lighting would always be perfect.

Well, let’s just say that there are quite a few pictures that I couldn’t use because I was too sweaty for the internet. The heat in Nigeria was so real and on this day the sun really came alive. I can explicitly tell you that I had never experienced this level of perspiration before.

My make up felt like it was melting.

I wanted to chop off my bangs.

I was getting very restless and irritable, while still trying to smile in order to convey a different story. (How did I do?)
Oh and I was wearing ALL BLACK. As much as I can’t stand cold climates, I also can’t stand hot climates. I need a balance of both. Whenever I think of where in the world I would like to settle down, the weather is the first thing that comes into play.

I just need an ‘in-between’ climate. Warm with frequent cool breezes.

All this being said, if I had to pick, I would probably pick Nigerian weather simply because I prefer to take clothes off rather than layer up. There’s just something about the warm air that makes me feel at home.

As I type this under my duvet in London’s minus 2 degrees celsius weather, I reminisce on the wonderful time I had in Lagos, whilst desperately wishing I was back there with friends and family. If you missed my new year recap, the link is below. Hope 2016 started off to a bang Ribbons! xx


    Photography: Toyin Fashola  

Cat Ear Headband, Pretty Little Thing Crop Top (sold out)

TOPSHOP Joni Jeans, ASOS Sandals

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  • Love the concept of this shot. I prefer meme as a mode of transport over a motorcycle because it allows for some comfortable sightseeing. Anyways I do hope you had an amazing time in Nigeria. I love your top. Happy 2016 btw
    Princess Audu

    • Thanks Sarah! Yes, it’s definitely a lot better and much safer than motorcycles.
      Aww, I had such a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back. Hopefully i’ll visit Abuja and we’ll get to meet one another. 🙂
      Take Care! xx

  • I have never been in a keke na pepe but I sort of want to be driven around in one, ha! I love this outfit, that top is amazing. Great photos as well. x

    / O.R.R. – Life & Style Journal

    • Haha! I know the feeling. It’s pretty cool!
      Thanks Oroma! x

  • JustPorsh

    Beautiful pictures.

    Love your outfit.
    I ride in a ‘keke’ all the time and I’ve never considered doing a shoot in one. I just might.

    • Oh you do?! It’s a pretty cool mode of transportation. Lol
      You should definitely shoot in one. Great ‘prop’.
      Thank you so much 🙂 xx