My family and I spent our Christmas and New Year in Kigali, Rwanda and we truly had the most relaxing time. Being a Nigerian, I had only ever been to Nigeria in Africa, so I didn’t know what else to expect. Needless to say, Rwanda is miles ahead of us. If you know your history, you will know about the genocide that occurred in Rwanda in 1994 and if you don’t know your history, here’s hoping you’ve seen the movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’ because it will let you in on a small part of the genocide.

Interestingly enough, we stayed in the hotel that the film was based on. Hotel de Mille Collines. We spent time with some of the most hospitable, kind and caring staff and apart from the fact that it’s a stunning hotel, just for the people, I would recommend the hotel to anyone visiting Kigali.


We had a buffet breakfast every morning which was included in our package. Everything from salad, to cereal, to pastries, to pancakes, to sausages and eggs, to fruits. This was a buffet to remember and as a foodie, I was very impressed. From the images below, you can see that I made use of the swimming pool quite often as well. I honestly should have posted these pictures back in December, but I have never lived in the moment more than when I was in Kigali. I didn’t care about anything but what I was doing in that moment.


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