LAGOS Photo Diary 1

Happy New Year Ribbons! I know, that must sound redundant seeing as it’s the 3rd of February but I’ll continue by saying that I took this past month off, which is why there have been no posts. (Besides on instagram)

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, I have a new blog theme! I felt that Runway Ribbons could do with a little shake up this year, and the new theme is more responsive and much easier for you all to navigate. Now, back to my one-month hiatus. Well, I was in Nigeria for 6 weeks and I only got back last week. It was so great spending time with family, friends, creating new experiences and making new memories. Below are a few images from my trip to Lagos, where I pretty much went for drinks, ate out and went to the market.

Finally visited the Nike Art Centre in Lekki. It’s ridiculous how huge that gallery is and what Mama Nike has done with it. The vast amount of art ranging from oil paintings, acrylics paintings, sculptures e.t.c If you ever get a change to visit, I’d make sure you checked it out.

I was in Nigeria two Christmas’ ago, and I almost feel like I was a different person. I say that in regards to the things I wanted to do and were interested in. I was partying non-stop and I didn’t do anything that would help me grow really. Of course there’s nothing wrong with partying, but this year I spent my time really living and imagining how it would be if I lived there.

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