37770_10150238126025578_5765835_n copy 235945_10150238127115578B_511050577_13833493_4629416_n copy38279_10150242727795711_822809_n copy38686_10150238126275578_7419452_n copy39220_421447653538_4647369_n copy39089_10150238126230578_6319930_n copy38528_10150238126660578_123268_n copy33492_424699683005_7599971_n copyToday is Thursday, so I’ve decided to do a throwback post of the time I visited Lagos, Portugal. It was the year 2010 and a small group of us girls decided to pay the country a visit. It was after our year 12 A Levels and we wanted a nice break from all the stress of exams, so we ventured out. Luckily, one of our close friends who also went throughout the exam stress with us, (Lucy) lived in Portugal so we knew we had someone familiar with the surroundings if we needed ever needed anything.

We stayed in a 2 bedroom villa that was so gorgeous with a lovely balcony and view, a private pool on the grounds and also a communal swimming pool. We were also a stone throw away from the strip (which had all the bars and clubs) and also in close proximity to a grocery store.  Staying in a villa as opposed to a hotel, you had to fend for yourself as well as tidy up after yourselves. This was the only ‘downside’.

I found Portugal to be one of the nicest places in Europe I’ve ever been to, (so far) because the people were very welcoming and kind, the bars were free to get into and portuguese is such a nice sounding language! Haha! I definitely had one of my favourite holidays there, simply because everyone was on similar wavelengths, having fun and doing things in unison. Whenever I hear Edward Maya’s Stereo Love, I am always transported back to the cobbled streets of Lagos. Beautiful memories!

P.S The pictures are smaller because these were taken in 2010, with my much smaller compact camera.

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