Life is full of choices, and I choose Nengi.

(Bit corny, but hear me out.)

Some of us go through life tip toeing around things, overthinking, overanalysing and generally worrying about things that are out of our control. Where exactly does that get us? Simple answer, nowhere.

Life is honestly too short to stress over a myriad of things. I do worry about life from time to time and my mum always tells me to stop it. She has this ability to be resilient when faced with adversity. In her words, ‘Everything will be fine, trust me.’ Once I hear her say ‘trust me’, I honestly feel calmer. You should see her when she says it as well, it’ truly calming. But I digress.

I choose me in all things. I always tell my friends ‘look out for number one’. ‘Number one’, being you. This is not to say be selfish, but as long as you’re not breaking any laws or hurting anyone, then you should most definitely do what makes you happy. Stop worrying about he said/she said, fair weather friends, non-supporters and hateful people. Stop overthinking every little situation, stop overanalysing parts of your life story and just embrace it and work with it. I say this not because I am perfect in all of this, but I have been practicing what I preach for quite sometime now and it has done me nothing but favours.

DO.YOU. …because everything else is secondary.


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